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Zanussi Fridge Freezer Repair

Zanussi fridge freezer repairs near you

We have been offering Zanussi fridge freezer repairs for over 10 years. Our Zanussi fridge freezer repair service is tried, tested and reviewed locally by our customers so you know that you can trust us to carry out your repair professionally. All of our repairs are covered under our 12 month warranty & the price you are quoted includes all spare parts & our labour

We understand how frustrating it can be when your Zanussi fridge freezer breaks down, but after years of hard work your machine can develop faults which can be easily repaired with the right knowledge and access to parts. We promote a repair, not replace society and we believe repairing your Zanussi fridge freezer is far more economical than replacing.

Zanussi fridge freezer repairs

Based in your local area, we repair all and model of Zanussi fridge freezers. After we complete a repair we offer a 12 month guarantee on our work which includes parts, so if your Zanussi fridge freezer develops the same fault within 1 year of our repair, we will come back out and repair it free of charge.

If for any reason we cannot repair your Zanussi fridge freezer, we don't charge you a penny as we work on a no fix, no fee basis. We always conduct ourselves professionally and transparently when repairing your Zanussi fridge freezer.

For flexibility, we offer Zanussi fridge freezer repairs in the morning, afternoon and evenings up until 10PM* from Monday - Sunday.

To book us in for a Zanussi fridge freezer repair near you, you can give us a call or simply request a callback and have your engineer call at a time convenient to you, meaning you can talk directly to the expert about any questions you may have.

When booking a repair, we prefer to keep it easy.

  1. You book a visit either over the phone or by text with the engineer assigned to you job where we will explain the repairs procedure and the cost of the repair.
  2. Our engineer visits your machine, makes a diagnosis and attempts to repair it on the day.
  3. If the repair was not completed on the day for whatever reason, your engineer will return at a time suitable to you with the correct parts.

If you have any special requirements or need a late-night booking, give us a call or request a callback from one of our friendly engineers.

We take pride in being transparent, meaning from the beginning, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay for your repair. This price includes absolutely everything needed to complete the repair with no hidden extras.

When your appliance breaks down, finding somebody that you can trust can be difficult, especially for a machine not under warranty. With most breakdowns, having your machine repaired is far more economical and easier than replacing it.

Why choose National Appliance Repair
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